Martin Grahame-Dunn’s ‘Freefall’ CPD Mentoring Programme

‘Freefall Continuous Professional Development Photographic Mentoring Programme’


“A wise and trusted counselor or teacher. An influential senior sponsor or supporter. A person’s ’mentor’ is someone who gives them help and advice over a period of time”
The Preamble
This is a continuous professional development mentoring programme designed to meet the needs of every aspiring photographer no matter what their current skill level. From my vast experience in the industry, much of it in the Commercial, Advertising and Fashion sector where the maxim was, “If its in front of your lens, deal with it!”, my task is to prepare you to do just that by nurturing a significant increase in key photographic skills.
I am applying the term “Freefall” just as in parachuting, where you jump out of an aircraft, bravely, into the great blue yonder and perform feats that you could only dream of doing before making a safe landing then, on your feet, with confidence, set to do it all again!
Every participants personal agenda will differ, perhaps significantly from another. However, the ‘Common Skills’ are essential to all no matter what you shoot! Things you may have taken for granted will be revisited and examined in depth. In your One2One Skype Sessions you will be able to discuss with me, in private, your own personal development. There are no such things as stupid questions. Rarely is there any such thing as a bad student either, but there are bad teachers! All I ask is that you participate with an open mind and rule out no possibilities to widen your experience and create a healthy business.
The Mechanics
Monthly 1 Hour One2One Skype Sessions
Bi-Monthly Team Development Days – At least 2 per year of the 6 at my Leamington base and the remainder at members studios (where possible) or on specific locations
Dedicated Team Facebook Page
Reasonable Telephone access to your Mentor
Subjects Covered
  • Camera Craft
  • Lenses
  • Gadgets & Accessories
  • Natural Lighting
  • Natural Lighting with Reflectors
  • Studio Flash
  • Off Camera Flash on Location
  • Balanced Lighting Techniques (OCF and Ambient)
  • Continuous Lighting
  • Ice Light
  • Balancing Interior Light with Supplementary Light for Mood
  • Basic Compositional Skills
  • Advanced Compositional Skills
  • Designing an Image
  • Basics of Posing
  • Advanced Posing Techniques
  • Command and Control Techniques
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Angles and Curves
  • Advanced Visual Choreography
  • International Judging & Scoring Systems
  • The Art of Self Appraisal
  • Practical Judging Experiences
  • Preparing Images for Qualifications
  • Preparing Images for Awards
  • Simple Retouching Techniques
  • Working with Nik Software
  • onOne Software
  • Image Compositing
  • Introduction to Photokey 6 Professional
  • Introduction to Hit Film Pro for Video
  • Layers & Textures
  • Photographing Babies & New Borns
  • Photographing Children
  • Family Portraiture
  • Environmental Portraiture
  • Grunge Portraiture
  • Tweens & Teens
  • American Style High School Seniors
  • Proms & Events
  • Chromakey Portraiture
  • Fairies & Ragamuffins
  • Cosplay & Steampunk
  • Corporate Portraits in the Studio
  • Corporate Portraits on Location
  • Sports and Hero Portraits
  • Basics of Efficient Wedding Photography
  • Advanced Wedding Photography
  • Post Wedding Portraiture & Location Shooting
  • The Basics of Scripting
  • Shooting Simple Rushes
  • Light & Sound
  • Basics of Video Editing with iMovie
  • Creating your own Promotional Movies
  • The Basics of a Photography Business
  • Business Plans
  • Market research
  • Creating a Price List
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Branding
The Costs
Price on Application.
Payable in a variety of ways including monthly and bi-monthly instalments.
To discuss YOUR personal programme or to secure your valuable place please email me at:-

FMPA, FRSA,Hon.FMPA, ABIPP, QEP, Hon.Master Photo-dk, Cr.Photog.PPofAmerica, MPP MPofCanada, etc

Worldwide Ambassador for HIPA & Chairman of Judges CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year

Past National President of the United Kingdom Master Photographers Association
Past Chairman of the Admissions & Qualifications Board
Past Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP) Director of Education
International Committee Member & Recipient of the Warren Motts International Award of Professional Photographers of America
Member of ‘Team Nik International’
“Friend” of onOne Software
Wacom European Evangelist & Past Nikon UK Trainer and Evangelist


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