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Lecturing at the HIPA Grand Awards 2015

Lecturing at the HIPA Grand Awards 2015

I commenced my professional career over 42 years ago in the industrial, commercial and advertising photography sector and ran a successful portrait and wedding studio in the UK. That seems a lifetime. The fact is that I have been pretty much semi retired for a while but still have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with those who wish to listen and learn.

I still assist MPI with their International Imaging Awards as their Director of Qualifying and retain membership of a number of current organisations. The rest as they say, is History!

I find that with a personal state of re-invention that I really do want to give back to an industry and art form from which I have gained so much pleasure and satisfaction over so many years. My journey has been enhanced by the creative drive of my partner, my inspiration and my muse, Kate. Who also appears in many of my beautiful Fine Art images. I am contemplating running a few workshops in the future but time will tell if the demand is still there. I will always be there for photographers who follow me in their journey to realise their potential as creative artist photographers.

My lifelong passion is creating exclusive Fine Art Photography pieces emulating the works of the Renaissance, Baroque and Pre-Raphaelite eras. Over the years I achieved many accolades, Fellowships, Degrees, Awards and other paraphernalia over the years but the honour of the first Historical Research Fellowship from the British Institute of Professional Photography in well over 20 years was the one I was truly looking for. The blend of Art and Photography that is often deemed as elusive.

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