International Judging and Scoring Systems in Photography – Part 9 – “Creativity & Style”

I am publishing this post at the end of the 2014 PWS Annual Convention in Thessaloniki, Greece where I served as the Jury Chairman for the 4th year. The standard of imaging and the rise of competency and creativity in Greece and the Balkans has been meteoric. So, it only seems logical to feature the next criteria right here and now.

2. Creativity & Style

This is indeed the Million Dollar question. Is an image creative and if so, how do we attempt to define creativity? It is without question a thought process that demonstrates some degree of individuality or at the very least the desire for the artist to be ‘different’ from the masses. This is one of the ‘combination elements’ that can both positively and negatively affect an overall score. It can neither be ignored or denied that since the dawn of art let alone photography, an exponent learns their craft and techniques and therefore by implication, ‘creativity’ by emulating the work (copying) of their ‘Master’. In the case of Photography it is easy to see the direct influences of those who instruct. However, that should be the first step to improving technique and once those techniques are indeed mastered, the next step is to develop one’s own style. This may manifest itself in the use of light, composition or processing technique that may be identified as more ‘unique’. On the premise that nothing is truly new in Photography, one can only aspire to being different. Once this difference is noticed by one’s peer then it can be said that an image maker has developed their own creativity and style.

My 'Style' of Steampunk Photography. Natural light in Studio, processed with Nik Software

My ‘Style’ of Steampunk Photography. Natural light in Studio, processed with Nik Software



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