I discovered Martin completely by accident whilst reviewing some business webinars on the Imagefile website. His no nonsense approach to business and photography was refreshing and I thought that is what I need, clear concise advice and critique. So I joined Martins’ Mentoring Programme in April 2015 and can say it is the best thing I have done for my photography and confidence as a photographer. 
With Martin’s support and guidance, I submitted a panel of 5 portraits for the BIPP National Photography Competition in October 2015. In February I attend the awards evening at the BIPP HQ and was chuffed to be awarded joint winner of the Provisional Photographer of the Year 2016. I was also successful in gaining my L’ plates on 3rd March 2016 when my panel of 25 portraits was assessed and awarded my Licentiateship (LBIPP). I really believe that I would not have achieved this without Martin.
Martin is a great teacher; putting you at ease, generous with his knowledge and skills of the craft and encouraging  you to constantly improve and learn. When creating portraits I now hear a voice saying ”Step back. Don’t zoom”, “lighting; Flag it! Vary it!”. 
Do your photography a favour and ask Martin to mentor you and realise your potential. Thank you Martin.
Allen Thomasson – April 2016

I applied to go on Martin Grahame-Dunn’s mentoring program 2 years ago as I looked towards changing my career to a become a full time professional photographer. In that time, Martins, teaching, knowledge and support have helped my photography move to another level.

Martin is an expert in light and posing and he has helped me to significantly improve 3 key areas of my photography. Improving my control of light, posing subjects and editing my images. I now have a far better understanding on how to use both natural light and studio lights. My posing has improved vastly, wether it be individuals, couples or groups and my editing now adds the finishing touches very nicely indeed.

Over the last few years my working relationship and friendship with Martin has turned into something far more valuable. His knowledge and experience continue to help me immensely as I now look to taking the next step and starting up my chosen career as a professional photographer.

Mark Varney – 2016

I may be biased, but I would argue that Martin is the best mentor/photography trainer out there! I first met Martin on a natural lighting course he ran 2 years ago and his passion and knowledge blew me away. Martin is extremely talented and has a rare ability to not only take great images himself but dramatically improve those of others. The development of my images over a short period of time has been nothing other than remarkable. If your looking at developing your photography skills or need ongoing support I would highly recommend any courses or workshops ran by Martin

Darren Powell – 2016


Hi Martin, now that the dust has settled a bit, I just wanted to say a very big thanks for all your help with my panel. I got some very good feedback from it! Couldn’t have done it without you!! Thanks again!

Panikos Hajistilly – AMPA

Originally posted on Mel Taylor Photography Blog:

As with all careers, continual personal development is key and it no different in photography. Technology, techniques, equipment and products are evolving continuously and its important to keep up to date. I have a passion to continually learn new skills and perfect the ones I have learnt so training is an essential part of my business. In the summer I had the pleasure of attending a Natural Light workshop run by Martin Grahame Dunn at this wonderful venue in Warwickshire.

Hatti Jackson

Guy’s Cliff has an interesting history… From its beginnings as a secluded place of worship in the 5th century… The legends of Sir Guy of Warwick which secured its place in folklore… The establishment of a chapel in the 15th century by will of King Henry V… and much more and now it has many things to offer… Click here to see website.


We had three wonderful models for the day. Kate Hughes, Hattie Jackson and Leah Star Gumber.  Martin showed all the participants how to get the best out of the natural light that evening and as always improved our posing techniques, he then stood back, observed and corrected when necessary this is very important, at some workshops the trainer sets up the shots, allows you to take a few sample images but you don’t get to pose and work with the models yourself, which is key if you are to learn.



We split off into our small groups for a mini session with each model, choosing different areas and each person taking it in turn to work with and direct the models in different areas.  A very informative and fun evening session,  followed by a debrief at a  very nice local pub and chance to get to know the other participants better.


Look out for further workshops on Martins Website, using the link above on his name. Thank you for taking the time to read the post.

Mel Taylor – 2015


“I was a member of Martins mentoring programme for most of 2014 along with a number of people that have now become good friends.

I have just attained my Associateship qualification in photography with the SWPP (The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers) and Martin has helped me achieve this. Martin has had a lifetime of experience in photography and his knowledge is second to none, and that’s in all areas, from lighting and posing, to Off Camera Flash.

Martin teaches in small chunks making sure you learn techniques and new processes before loading even more onto you. The unique way he sees light and to be honest I did struggle to see it for a while, but when the penny drops Wow! It changes your pictures massively. Martin takes time to make sure you can see and fully understand what he is teaching and takes you on many 1:1 teaching sessions to reinforce lessons learned along the way. I really can’t thank Martin enough for the last year, for his input and friendship. He runs one of the most cost-effective mentoring programmes in the UK and I would recommend it to anyone. You can find Martin here at Martins training site
Once again a massive thank you for all your help and knowledge.

Clive Hall – 2015


“Martin has been my friend and mentor for many years. I’ve had the privilege of going on an educational cruise with him and taking two classes of his. This past year Martin came to my studio for 10 days for some INTENSIVE training. He is amazing, tough, but amazing! He was great with my staff and I. I would recommend him and his training to anyone who wants to better their business. I hope to one day have him come back to visit us and continue to help me and my business succeed. We have learned a lot from him and we have seen a huge increase in our sales, we went over things such as lighting, posing, pricing, marketing, editing, the works, all which have had a huge impact in the growth of my business. Having Martin as a personal business consultant has been the best investment I have ever spent!”

Cedulie Lloyd – Cedulie’s Photography, International Falls. MN – 2015


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