International Judging and Scoring Systems in Photography – Part 15 – “Technical Excellence”

PART 15 on the subject of Technical Excellence

8. Technical excellence

This element is all about ‘Camera Craft’ or those essential skills required to produce ‘Professional’ standard images. All of those things we took for granted in the days of film photography and before the advent of ‘Auto Everything’.

  • Is it sharp? (*where it needs to be)
  • Is there clear evidence that the artist has used the compositional advantages of the 3:2/4:3/ 1:1 proportion if presented full frame?
  • Is the ‘digital negative’ clearly properly exposed?

All things we took for granted as image makers in the days of film.

When it comes to a physical print, has the artist taken responsibility for the outcome by delivering a properly colour managed file, selecting the appropriate surface and mounts?

*This phrase I have heard many times and has been used as both a positive and negative ‘argument’ in respect of an image. I’ll discuss this issue in a separate article sometime soon!


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