International Judging and Scoring Systems in Photography – Part 14 – “Colour Balance”

PART 14 – On the subject of Colour Balance

7. Colour Balance

Colour Balance has always been a difficult assessment criteria for we all see colour in different ways. Clearly, one can assess neutrality ‘on the numbers’ within photoshop or by use of colour checking equipment both on monitor and physical print. But in the end we are forced to make visual decisions based upon what we see either in print or digital form. Perhaps the word ‘pleasing’ may be more appropriate in many cases.

Where there is a clear adverse colour cast that adversely affects the ‘feel’ and presentation of the image, it should be identified and penalised accordingly, particularly where that affects subject skin tones. In instances where cools has been used for ‘effect’, then it is the Juror’s responsibility to assess if that ‘effect’ has, in their opinion worked visually or contributed to the narrative of the image.


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