Pre-Raphaelite Themed Workshops – 2022?

A study based on the ballad “La Belle Dame sans Merci” – A popular Pre-Raphaelite theme

It’s been a very long time since I last held a creative workshop of any kind and then I lost my ‘mojo’ for photography full stop! And then Covid of course that has decimated the industry! So I am going to ask a question, and that is “Should I hold a workshop on the Pre-Raphaelite theme in 2022. I already have my chosen location. That would be the historic Guys Cliffe House in Warwick. This would still be an innovative and highly creative workshop where ‘Fine Art’ imagery would be created under my personal expert supervision and guidance. In essence, literary themed and costumed environmental portraiture where the mastery of light emulating painterly techniques, highly refined posing and beautiful composition would be developed.
“I will instruct you how to develop a theme, see and use natural light, control it and create powerful images that will be transformed from your camera, into stunning pieces photographic Fine Art. You will find yourself indulging in the art and craft of posing your subjects, in various locations, to not only complement your subject but to tell a particular story of classical themes, chivalry and romance so captivated by the artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.”
This workshop could have a significant impact not only on those who simply love photography and want to explore their creative side, but for all levels of photographers and Fine Artists, from enthusiasts, amateurs and maybe practicing Wedding & Portrait photographers wishing to push their boundaries and develop romantic themes as art pieces to stun their clients.
What you will learn
  • How to use natural light and shade to create stunning images.
  • How to select backgrounds and environments to bring interest, emotion and drama into your photographic artworks.
  • How to find flattering and interesting perspectives through the art and science of physiognomy.
  • Which lens(es) to choose and why.
  • Effective techniques to create a rapport with your subjects.
  • How to use the workshop to create a unique portrait experience in your day to day work and look to compliment each subject’s personality and style.
  • How to use wardrobe and posing to bring out the drama and personality of your subjects with literary themes.
  • How to create ‘Photographic Art’ using creative processing techniques.
What you will need
  • A DSLR with a full battery and empty memory card and a good understanding of how to use your cameras manual settings.
  • A laptop to download and edit your images
  • Any lenses or accessories you want to use.
  • A handheld reflector or Gobo if you have one.

The day would encompass briefings, themes to inspire the images, shooting sessions, creative retouching and presentation as well as a wind up group session to discuss the day.

In the first instance I will be looking for a commitment as to the viability. After that has been secured I will ask for a deposit per person of £75. Contact me at to enquire about a place.

WHEN – On a date to be confirmed in the Summer and/or Autumn of 2022 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM each day. Maybe an optional dinner or BBQ after the workshop which obviously would be at extra cost subject to demand.
WHERE – Guys Cliffe House in Warwickshire (I might even do one in Pembrokeshire!)