Photographic Business Consultancy and Mentoring

Martin Grahame-Dunn & Marian Sterea in a 1 to 1 Mentoring session at the 2016 MPA Awards

Martin Grahame-Dunn & Marian Sterea in a 1 to 1 Mentoring session at the 2016 MPA Awards

My Business Consultancy Services and Mentoring is tailored to develop your photographic skills and business acumen. My educational philosophy is built around the simple principle, that being able to create amazing images is only a single facet of a photographic business.

1:1 Online or face to face sessions are tailored around your schedule and the topics chosen by you to best benefit your continuous professional development. Sessions are focussed on the essential shooting skills, presentation techniques, quality control and marketing that are vital for the photographer that aspires to reach pinnacles of achievement. The content I have designed will build your photography businesses and skills to take them to the highest level and increase your business performance so your company will always be ahead of your competitors.


Every photographer has a different agenda. However, the acquisition of “Common Skills” is essential to every person who wishes to not only succeed but excel. Things you may have taken for granted will be revisited and where appropriate, examined in depth.

  • ONLINE 1:1 Skype or ‘Join.Me’ Sessions – Every session will be on a 1:1 basis to discuss your individual progress and development. In most cases they will be an appraisal of tasks completed. Other tools used in these sessions will be ‘screen sharing’ via another program, ‘Join.Me’. Sessions at £75 per hour billed in 20 minute increments.
  • FACE TO FACE 1:1 Training Days at my fully equipped studio in Leamington Spa, UK, the USA and the rest of the world can be facilitated. Full days at £495.00  Half days £295.00. Both inclusive of refreshments and food.
  • ADVICE ON THE PHONE (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday) for on the spot, focused advice – feel free to chat privately if so required. Per session/calls at £75.00 per hour billed in 20 minute increments
  • GROUP DAYS 1:4 Training Days at my fully equipped studio in Leamington Spa or on location at only £295.00 per place. Half day Workshop places at only £195.00 (Evenings in the summer months, afternoons and early evenings in Winter).
For further information and payment terms, or to create your own programme, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at
PLEASE NOTE: For members of the BIPP and MPA there is a limited amount of complimentary mentoring to qualifications available. Please contact either the Institute or Association in the first instance.

4 comments on “Photographic Business Consultancy and Mentoring

    • Hi Anne

      Martin will be in Italy this week, so if you would like to email me your address at with details to what you would like out of a mentoring programme, we can send you details and rates. The programmes are tailor-made and Martin also does 1:1 using Skype etc. He would travel, and the expenses would be part of the fee for that. He could do a brief focused few days or longer term mentoring, depending on your need.



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