Wedding Day Training Opportunity


I am offering the opportunity for three professional photographers to develop their style and approach to contemporary wedding photography.  This is a one off training opportunity to participate in the photography of a wedding with my support and art direction on the spot.  The fee of £195 per person will be used to cover the cost of production of the albums. The wedding is on Saturday 4th July at Islington Town Hall Registry Office followed by a reception at The Lamb at Leadenhall Market from mid morning to mid evening on the day.  Two London Buses will be used to move people between the locations. The brief is to train three photographers with my observation and art direction.  Images are to be compiled and shared.   Each photographer, as well as the couple, will receive a cooperative album that may be used as a working sample for portfolios.

The following terms must be agreed and contracted as key to participation:
1. All participants to attend a pre-meet/briefing prior to the wedding on 7th June at 11-1pm.

1. All participants to agree to give all images, copyright free to the couple

2. All participants to agree to share all images shot

3. All participants to agree to attend an image evaluation and album design session to be held at Victoria House, Leamington Spa after the wedding on a date to be arranged.
Please register your interest at and you will be sent an application form.  Closing date for applications is Saturday 4th April.




Putting together your ‘Studio’ Business Plan


Compiling a business plan for your Photography Studio can seem like the most difficult and the least exciting part of starting a new business, but it really is the most important.

While you are prioritising with shooting a portfolio, product development, choosing logos, it’s easy to forget about the more practical aspects of running a business. Creating a business plan will help you see your start-up from an objective viewpoint and give you a true idea of how successful you are likely to be. It is also vital if you need to secure any type of finance as you will need to present it to potential lenders or investors.

The best way to put together your plan is to take it step-by-step. Create a draft of each section and then perfect it afterwards once the hard work is done.  In future posts, I will be blogging a brief guide to the structure and content of a typical business plan.

To get help with putting together your Business Plan, contact me for an informal discussion or a quotation.


International Judging and Scoring Systems in Photography – Part 8 – “IMPACT!”

Part 8 commences an ‘In Depth’ analysis of each of the key criteria.

1. Impact

Impact can be a momentary emotional response to an image triggered by its content. There are any number of adjectives that can be applied, all of which illicit an emotion or range of emotions. To list but a few, Shock, Horror, Wow!, Intrigue, Beauty (which of course can be individually perceptual), Narrative and Tranquility. It is essential that any Judge takes sufficient time to assess the image so the “IMPACT” does not become the overriding factor in determining their score.

It is inevitable that the longer the image is visible that the impact does in truth, diminish. In such cases there is a clear tendency, often rightly so, to dig deeper to assess other critical factors. Some images will undoubtedly stay with us or even haunt us for weeks, months, years and even for the rest of our lives. This is evidenced in the fact that ‘once a great image, always a great image’ is an adage that is most appropriately applied. In practice, this tends to allow extremely well crafted images where the subject has “Been seen before” to still achieve the respect, reverence and score it deserves.

One phenomenal example of an image with tremendous impact is of *Phan Thị Kim PhúcO.Ont (born 1963) who is a Vietnamese-Canadian best known as the child depicted in the Pulitzer Prize–winning photograph taken during the Vietnam War on June 8, 1972. This iconic photo taken in Trang Bang by AP photographer Nick Ut shows her at about nine years of age running naked on a road after being severely burned on her back by a South Vietnamese attack.


Image Copyright Nick Ut AP 1972

*courtesy of Wikipedia