Studio Lighting Workshops with Album Epoca

Workshop 1 – 16th May
Workshop 2 – 21st June
Especially for present, past and prospective Album Epoca clients these Half day and Evening workshops are our way of building an interactive photographic community dedicated to the principle of ‘Make a Print’ to preserve through beautifully hand crafted products the memories of generations to come. Each event will cover number of topics that will help you improve both your practical photographic skills and business.


All of my Studio Lighting Workshops have been designed to examine and implement ‘best practice’ in professional portrait lighting. Every workshop covers ‘Low Key’, ‘Mid Key’, ‘High Key’ and a glance at ‘Beauty Lighting’ for good measure. How often have we been told to simply place your lights at position ‘X’ and at forty-five degrees and it will be OK? What does this mean and why? I will take the myth and legend out of studio portrait lighting and cut to the chase with a common sense, practical approach that will be understood and above all, a workable solution.

Who should attend and why? 
These are ideal workshops for those wanting to firmly establish and understand lighting techniques for consistency and profit in a successful professional business. The term ‘Studio’ can mean any location in which we set up a controlled lighting scenario so this will work particularly well for those who work in clients homes or other non-permanent situations. This is the ideal “Pop Up Studio’ scenario.
The Venue…
Studio Screen

Victoria House Training Studio – The home of our Workshops

The Dates…
First dates announced!!! 16th May & 21st June 2016 Day workshops
Workshop Place Fees: Free of Charge
Times: From 10am until 4.30pm
Maximum number of delegates: 20

2 comments on “Studio Lighting Workshops with Album Epoca

  1. Hi Graham, I’m looking forward to the Epoca workshop with you on 16th May. Just wondered if there is parking at Victoria House. I’m coming up Sunday evening, being a bit cheeky to see if possible to park outside overnight and on the day of the event?


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