Mentoring for success – The importance of investment

Working towards a ‘Professional’ qualification from either the BIPP or the MPA is no easy task. Its certainly not a journey one should take alone or without guidance and support. This is widely described as ‘Mentoring’, the working relationship between the aspiring photographer and their guide, tutor, supporter and teacher, commissioned to guide them to success. Each of the two representative bodies has their own systems in place where members can access a ‘Mentor’ for a limited period. This is an invaluable resource but nothing beats a proper financial investment in an experienced and successful Mentor. The basic service, in practice the means feedback on images that may form part of a submission, but a more formal arrangement can achieve so much more.

The advice given may not always be what the photographer wants to hear, particularly as ‘critique’ is all too often taken personally due to the huge emotional attachment to their images that so many display. This factor alone is a major contributor to the failure of an application. I know how hard it is to stand back from one’s work and look at it as a qualifies assessor may do. But to learn the art of self assessment from your mentor is central to one’s own continuous professional development. An experienced Mentor will be that crucial support mechanism who will offer the support needed and guidance through the process.

This week, one of my Mentees had a double achievement. Joint winner in the BIPP Provisional Photographer of the Year category and his Licentiate professional qualification of the same Institute. This didn’t come easily and alone, it can be a daunting task.

Supporting evidence book prepared for a BIPP submission - printed by One Vision Imaging (courtesy of Allen Thomasson LBIPP)

Supporting evidence book prepared for a BIPP submission – printed by One Vision Imaging (courtesy of Allen Thomasson LBIPP)

So, access the complimentary services but also invest in a great mentor. Commit to that investment. Always remember that its their investment in you that ensures your success. Want more of this? Then feed back to me on Social Media channels and it will be forthcoming.

If you’re looking to invest in a mentor then contact me at


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