WPPI 2015 – A reflection…

It’s been a few short days since we have returned from the glitz of ‘Sin City’ and the phenomena that is WPPI. Judging for the first time at this event has opened my eyes to another world of imaging,  that to the point of receiving my judges notes from Melissa Ghionis, I had never realised was so vital to my own professional development. The ‘new’ criteria and guidelines applied represent a massive shift in attitude and the dissemination of information that is now supplying a vital educational role that no other organisation on earth is doing so well.

Throughout the 27 intense hours of judging, each and every image received constructive criticism and if the creators were in the room,  they went away better educated and prepared for the years to come. And if not, that can look forward to viewing some 150 hours of recordings that will prove to be an invaluable resource.

My partner Kate is NOT involved in our world of photography. But she has seen plenty of Award Winning images. So, she is truly a consumer and I can tell you, was totally blown away at the quality and volume of stunning images from all over the world. That my friends is the acid test! WPPI members and entrants have truly made a massive impact in the world of photography on every level and to the envy of every other organisation.


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