Putting together your ‘Studio’ Business Plan


Compiling a business plan for your Photography Studio can seem like the most difficult and the least exciting part of starting a new business, but it really is the most important.

While you are prioritising with shooting a portfolio, product development, choosing logos, it’s easy to forget about the more practical aspects of running a business. Creating a business plan will help you see your start-up from an objective viewpoint and give you a true idea of how successful you are likely to be. It is also vital if you need to secure any type of finance as you will need to present it to potential lenders or investors.

The best way to put together your plan is to take it step-by-step. Create a draft of each section and then perfect it afterwards once the hard work is done.  In future posts, I will be blogging a brief guide to the structure and content of a typical business plan.

To get help with putting together your Business Plan, contact me for an informal discussion or a quotation.



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