The iLux Summit 600 – Michael Weeks Test Verdicts

Its only a few short weeks since the Photography Show at the NEC Birmingham. My task was to work hand in hand with my good friend and colleague Mike Weeks on the Photomart Stand demonstrating and promoting their iLux Lighting, most particularly the Summit 600 Cordless solution. My take was more geared towards working fully manual with all the possibilities available due to its high power output in the production of ‘Hero’ portraits on location. I still feel they are an excellent product, resilient and reliable. Both Mike and I were fielding many questions, many regarding the high synch speed claims which in truth, we could not answer honestly. And so, Mike took it upon himself to loan a couple of the 600 heads. put them through their paces with a variety of prospective solutions and produce an honest evaluation that goes a very long way to answering so many of those questions. In a future post I’ll be chatting about my manual use of the iLux Summit’s but for now, read Mike’s analysis here…


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