International Judging and Scoring Systems in Photography – Part 18 – “MIND & HEART”

PART 18 – The conclusion of my series on International Judging and Scoring Systems in Photography. I hope everyone has enjoyed it and found it useful. My header image is one of my inspiration, my muse and my life. Good luck to all of you in your future quests!

On the subject of…’MIND & HEART’

It is my contention that the essence of great judging is “Mind & Heart”.

I was asked recently by a very knowledgeable and talented photographer who is now involved in judging, “When should I disregard the ‘rules’ and let my instincts take over when I feel I am looking at a great image that breaks rules?”. My answer to him was simple. Use your MIND to assess the Technical elements that are essential – Exposure, Focus, Lens selection, Colour, Print surface, Mounting & Presentation and use your HEART to ‘feel’ the image, see the stories, bathe in the light. If it stirs your soul, regardless of any so called ‘rules’ into which you have been indoctrinated over the course of your photographic career, go for it! Score high and celebrate a fantastic image.


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