International Judging and Scoring Systems in Photography – Part 11 – “Image or Print Presentation”

Welcome to the next part of my treatise on International Judging and Scoring Systems. In this episode I’d like to cover Presentation both for print and digital submissions…

In the case of a Print submission, presentation is essential to the success of any image. Not only choosing the right surface or texture of the medium chosen for output, but to the main subject placement on the paper, the addition of a Matte or indeed the type of board it is bonded too. Other factors such as surface lamination, spraying and retouching must all be undertaken with extreme care and finesse. The paper surface can make or break an image. As an example, what may be deemed to be a ‘Fine Art’ image should be presented on a Fine Art medium. Be mindful that in such cases the colour gamut of Giclee far outstrips traditional photographic printing and the perception of texture can be a strong factor in increasing a score.

When submitting digital images for projection is essential that the artist has taken every care to achieve the best possible file at the prescribed resolution with the widest possible contrast range commensurate with the subject matter to attempt to make some allowances for the deficiencies of digital projection.


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