Martin’s ‘Renaissance’

Having had a deep and meaningful love for Art since my youth I am reminded of the stories of Salvador Dali and his wife & muse, Gala. Throughout their lives he continued to paint her as a key figure in so many of his most famous works. Not an obsession but a passion. I now find myself sharing such a passion with my very own ‘muse’.

So, these images are inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Shot on my trusty Nikon D700 with my favourite 105mm f2 DC lens, Lit with a single iLux RD 300 Parabolic Octabox augmented with two strategically placed reflector panels, processed in a combination of Adobe Photoshop CC and Nik Software. Two versions for my enjoyment. My deliberate journey and re-kindled love affair has begun again…

My Lilith in Colour

My Lilith in Colour

My Lilith in Sepia blend

My Lilith in Sepia blend


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