My Personal Professional Targets for 2014

I have decided to share my Personal Photographic Targets for 2014 and two years beyond. Having made a number of New Years Resolutions, it seems logical to put some realistic aspirations into place and as a firm believer in Continuous Professional Development, here I go!

  1. PPA (Professional Photographers of America) with whom I serve on their International Committee and having been honoured in 2013 with the ‘Warren Motts Service Award’ for outstanding contribution to the international photography community, the current situation is I still have 15 ‘banked’ Merits after gaining a second bar to my Craftsmans Degree in 2013, of which 4 are Print Merits and 11 service Merits. Now I have asked my good friend and Texas School of Photography Director, Doug Box, to be my ‘Mentor’, I have targeted of a minimum of 4 Print Merits per year for the next three years.
  2. Re-Join the BIPP and undertake to do a BA (Hons) in Photography. I have discussed this at length with BIPP CEO, Chris Harper and Kevin Wilson who will be in the difficult position of mentoring me! I’m signing up for this one at the beginning of February.
  3. I have decided to assist Mike Weeks with the establishment of an assessment system for the Event Photographers Society as they desperately need recognition for the abilities of Event Photographers who conduct their work under extraordinary conditions.
  4. Obtain my Masters in Portrait Photography with MPOC (Master Photographers of Canada) as well as assisting in Mentoring and Judging in their new awards.
  5. Finally in cooperation with Ross MacLennan of Wildhighlander, I will assist with continuing to build the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition into a world leader. Now in its 6th year this award deserves a poll position in the photography community and with my considerable experience its a key goal.

Perhaps ambitious but I believe its important to have goals that drive your personal ambitions and are a source of inspiration to others. Here I go and watch out world!


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