A Taste of Things to Come

During 2014 and beyond I will be constantly re-evaluating and refining my training programmes which are delivered  on a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced basis, covering such subjects as:-

  • Essential Camera Craft (Lighting, Posing, Composition, Camera Control)
  • Natural Light Photography
  • Studio Lighting Techniques with iLux Lighting
  • Off Camera Flash on location
  • Simple Image Enhancement with Adobe Photoshop using plug-ins (Nik Software, onOne Software, Snapheal Pro & Intensify Pro)
  • Chromakey Lighting and production techniques with iLux, Westcott & FX Home’s ‘Photokey 6’ Software
  • Command & Control – The Art of Creative Direction
  • Enhancing your Creativity – A Programme for Masters of Photography
  • Art & Photography, Beyond the Lens  – Another Programme for Masters of Photography

For more information or to use the list as a ‘framework’ for either a One2One or small group day with me, call me on 07854 249710 for an informal chat and together we can take your photography to new heights.


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